60 Days Warranty

Our products have a warranty period of 60 days, commencing from the day you receive the goods.

If you think the item is faulty or has a defect please contact us via email cs@starkingdomstore.co.uk

If your item is damaged on receipt please let us know as soon as possible and no longer than 2 days after receiving the item.Β 

If you contact us after this period we are unable to replace or refund the item.

Our warranty excludes:Β 

  • Any improper use, storage, or handling of the item
  • Using the item in a way or for a purpose that it was not designed for
  • Damage caused by unauthorised attempt to repair, normal wear and tear, impact, shock, sand/dust/dirt, damp, leaking batteries, fire, theft, attempted theft, vandalism, corrosion, frost, flooding, earthquake, lightning, or other adverse weather conditions
  • Any accidental or malicious damage