Star Kingdom Store FAQs

Q: Your website looks very professional, is Star Kingdom a big corporation?
A: No, we are small a local startup in Skipton West Yorkshire, we started in October 2019 and was closed for a few months due to a supply issue during the pandemic. As we are small company we are able to provide the best flexible and personal customer service to all of our customers. 

Q: Any example of your flexible and personal customer service you provided? 
Only recently (December 2020), one of our customers parcel has been lost and what she ordered was out of stock so we are not able to send her a replacement. Knowing how disappointed she is, we found the product in our warehouse but without an original box and an instruction manual missing, We have refunded her the full amount and we sent her the replacement order completely free of charge. We always go the extra mile for our customers. 

Q: Your delivery time seems quite long? 
A: Yes we do agree the delivery time is quite long at the moment, the pandemic situation doesn't help for us. We are very sorry for the long waiting time. We constant find ways to improve the performance. 

Q: Why is the delivery time quite long?
A: We have a mixed stocking model here at Star Kingdom. Some of the products we have them in stock here and they can arrive within 3-4 days. Some of the products are sent directly from our suppliers, sometimes abroad. For the sake of a consistent message, we aim to delivery all orders within 6-12 working days. 

Q: Is there any additional custom charge if the parcel is coming outside the UK?
A: No, there won't be any additional charge