One of Our Core Values - Animals' Welfare and Protection


Our partnership with RSPCA local branch. 

Every purchase of a Jekca Cat or Dog sculpture will benefit the RSPCA by 5% of your order value. Donations will be made to the Keighley, Craven & Upper Wharfedale Branch of the society to help local animals in need.  

Since mid November 2022, we started to collect donation for RSPCA local branch at checkout, and here is the monthly report.
Every penny counts, thank you so much for your generosity and kindness. 


At Star Kingdom, we adore cats and dogs, and want to do our bit to help. 
RSPCA website:
Keighley, Craven & Upper Wharfedale Branch website:


Please do visit our friend's website - they aim to make a difference to the French bulldogs that today we see being abused and overbred so much.

Also join their amazing charity facebook group here