Warmies® UK Cozy Plush Microwavable Toys

Make bedtime enjoyable with wonderfully soft and warm lavender Warmies UK; entirely microwaveable and without a separate wheat bag, they're a comfortable friend at bedtime and a fuzzy partner by day.

A warm and cuddly replacement for the hot water bottle is desperately needed. Warmies UK cuddly toys are suitable for both children and adults and may be quickly and simply warmed in a clean microwave. 

When you have cramps, a cold, or are upset, it is adorable to be soothed by your own warm companion.

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Some say that no age is too high to own a good plush Warmie and we at Star Kingdom, happily concur. The Warmies range features small hug plushies for kids and big handwarmer variants for adults. Bunnies, bears, sloths, hamsters, cats, lions, puppies, hedgehogs, koalas, and more are waiting to cosy you. Your pick?