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Thanks To You All

Thanks To You All

2022 was an exciting year, we have expanded our catalogue massively, and our shop is almost unrecognisable compared to 3 years ago when we first launched the website. 

We know things will be difficult for all of us, as the economy is in recession, the inflation rate is rocketing, not to mention the cost of living crisis. Then, we have the postal strikes when Christmas is the most critical period for any retail business. 

We were deeply anxious during Christmas, not knowing how bad the postal situation could get. Despite the delays, we are grateful that most deliveries have been made before Christmas. 

Christmas is such a magical and wonderful time, especially for children. Naturally, we received many enquiries about their order's status. As parents, we understand that leaving our children with no presents to open on Christmas day is the worst thing that could happen.   

We are grateful that almost every customer has been very understanding and some even encouraged us by saying "it is alright if the order is delayed, as they understand the situation has been very challenging for everyone in the UK."

We have tears in our eyes. The feeling of gratefulness was overwhelming. 

Since 2019 our customer service motto has been "Above and Beyond". Your kindness inspires and motivates us to do even better for you in 2023. We have therefore revised our customer service promises. Our new customer-centric values will guide every decision and action we take.  

Here are our commitments: 

  1. To provide above-and-beyond customer service
  2. To treat all customers as our best friends
  3. To be kind
  4. To value every connection with you 

To align with our customer-centric values, all our express delivery items will be by Royal Mail Tracked 24. By April 2023, we will phase out all sub-standard delivery service providers. 

In 2023, we strive to provide you with exciting new products, a better delivery service, and an even better customer experience. We have never felt more inspired and motivated, all thanks to you. 

From the bottom of our hearts: THANK YOU. 

Freddie, Luke, Bhavana, Allen 


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