MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO STAGE SHOW - An Unforgettable Experience - Star Kingdom

MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO STAGE SHOW - An Unforgettable Experience

MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO STAGE SHOW - An Unforgettable Experience

The stage adaptation of the iconic Japanese animated fantasy film ‘My neighbour Totoro’ is now playing successfully at The Barbican Theatre in London. Thirty years since its release, the film is considered one of the most thoughtful animated films ever made. As the play unravels, it takes the audience through the lives of two sisters, Satsuki and Mei, as they experience fairy-tale adventures in a mesmerising spiritual world. 

It is the first time the magic of Totoro has been play-adapted for a live audience. The theatrical is running to a packed house show after show and will be available till Jan 21, 2023. All the future shows are also fast filling, indicating the growing popularity of the Studio Ghibli classic here in the UK. Thanks to the streaming network Netflix.

What makes this extra special is that the film’s original music composer Joe Hisaishi has also arranged the live music for this enactment. Tom Morton-Smith, whose next film is Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, is the playwright. The producers are advertising the show as a fantastic fusion of puppetry, live music, enchanting storytelling, lively actors that stay true to the film’s soul, and enthralling puppet creatures, including Totoro itself. 

The decision to hide the stage look of Totoro in the promotions has worked out positively for the show, especially among the kids. All this hype culminates in ecstasy for the live audience when their beloved Totoro makes an appearance on stage in 3D for the first time.


The spirit animal Totoro is one of those rare animated characters that has managed to positively impact and leave a lasting impression with its charming persona among people of all ages. More so with the kids. 

Rosie was glad to have taken her two kids to the live show. She shared the gleeful experience on her social media. Her son Fred was thrilled with joy while watching his own Totoro plushie come to life on stage. The cherry-on-top moment for Fred came when his hand-drawn Totoro found use as a stage prop during the event.

Like Fred, more and more little ones are also taking their Totoro companions to the show. Star Kingdom Store is thrilled to have been able to contribute in the smallest of ways to the happiness of young ones by delivering their favourite Totoros straight to their homes.

Along with an exquisite collection of Totoro plushies, Star Kingdom Store features a wide variety of Totoro merchandise options in the UK.


The seats for future shows are filling really fast on the official website. Any returned tickets can still be booked on a day-to-day basis, so those interested can keep an eye out on the official ticket page from time to time. For Totoro plushies, and more, Star Kingdom Store is here to help. 


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