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Keeping Your Children Warm During the Cost of Living Crisis

Keeping Your Children Warm During the Cost of Living Crisis

Inflation is at an all-time high in the UK. The war in Ukraine has been majorly responsible for this increase in food, energy and fuel prices at a rate never seen since the 1950s. With bills such as the Energy Bills Support Scheme, the government is trying to do its bit by offering a £400 cumulative discount on the monthly energy bills spread over six months from October 2022 to March next year. Similar measures are needed to provide some respite to the citizens battling inflation this winter.

While the economy struggles to keep up here in the UK, nature isn’t forgiving either. With the day temperatures hovering around 10 degrees Celsius, the nights are already freezing at 7 degrees Celsius. The months ahead are going to be even frostier. Keeping oneself warm is one of the highest priorities now. 

Let us look at some of the best actions and options to help keep ourselves warm during this cost of living crisis.

  1. Kids might need additional warmth at times. When the temperatures indoors are too low, a regular blanket, warmer or plushie might not be enough. Try tucking them in as many layers as possible in such cases. Reheatable Warmies work well too. They come in kid-friendly designs. One minute of microwaving is enough to warm your loved one for a couple of hours. Consider picking a bigger variant for adolescent kids. 

  2. When indoors, try to restrict the usage of the heater to one or two rooms at a time. Keeping the doors and windows closed traps heat inside for longer. Covering air vents such as keyholes and under door slits will prevent the cold wind currents from gushing in.

  3. Move around regularly whenever possible. The human body releases heat as it expends energy when you are physically active, be it casually meandering around, doing your daily chores or exercising. This natural thermal energy can help shield you from low temperatures. Grooving to your favourite music is a win-win. 

  4. If you are going to lie in a place for a while, choosing the right blanket is essential. Hooded blankets help cover your head as well. As our limbs cool faster by design, hand-warmers and foot warmers are effective. Try handwarmer-blanket combos since they are usually cheaper. Choosing compact variants if you travel around regularly can be space-saving.

Let us try to breeze through this winter as warm as we can. Health is wealth, as they say. Keep warm and stay safe X

SKS Customer Happiness Team 

P.S. To the U.K. government, please provide more support to people who are working full-time and still struggling to keep the heating on. To choose between eating or heating is just not acceptable. We have seen nurses queuing in food banks. "NHS hospital canteen: "single tuna sarnie" costing £3 for nurses, paid for out of their own wage; The house of Parliament: "Rum banana tatin with rum and raisin ice cream" for the princely sum of £2.37 for MPs, paid for by the taxpayer, including taxes from nurses and NHS workers of course" How is this right? 

Star Kingdom Store provides 20% off for all NHS and keyworkers, to find out more please see our statement here.  

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