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Best-Selling Space & Universe Themed Gifts For Kids

Best-Selling Space & Universe Themed Gifts For Kids

Are you looking for gifting suggestions and the best gadgets to pique kids' interest in space, the universe, and beyond? Popular space-themed gifts ranging from nightlights to NASA games encourage children to experience hands-on activities in this digital era. Star Kingdom Store has curated a Space-ious selection of cool gadgets and gifts for kids in the UK. This guide aims to assist you in choosing the best present since each kid is unique in a special little way. Read along.


Billions of people have lived on earth, but only a handful has set foot on our Moon. For Mars, this number is zero. As Elon Musk aspires to change that story and send humans to Mars by 2050, NASA and Roscosmos (Russia) have been the only space agencies to at least send Rovers aka robot soldiers on Mars as of 2022.Ā Ā 

Plan to gift preteens a taste of the excitement of building their very own space-exploring robots? DIY gadget-building kits help kids to learn how stuff gets created from scratch. TheseĀ NASA Lunar LanderĀ andĀ NASA Mars RoverĀ Construction kits aid in re-creating the actual NASA space probe replicas that explored the extraterrestrial surfaces of the Moon or Mars. A unique gift for the ever-so-curious.

The incredibly fun and exciting moon mining game makes for an ideal playful gift for youngsters. Essentially a two-player game, kids would love to play it with their friends and family.

KIDS LOVE ROOM DECOR GIFTS - The best of Night lights, Wall decals, and Stickers

Agreed that the movie "Inception" is far-fetched in suggesting reality can be manipulated through dreams, but studies indicate that subtle cues do work in the long run.Ā 

A space-themed night light is one great option to excite kids about the universe and its infiniteness. These fantastic 3D space-themed night light gadgets featuring the Rocket,Ā MoonĀ andĀ SaturnĀ variants fit perfectly in any kid's bedroom and let them appreciate these giants of the solar system from up close. The Saturn light has been our all time favourite. The lunar craters and other details are realistically detailed in the Moon version of the night light, which every kid loves. The 2D version,Ā a Moon Wall Lamp, is best suited for young ones around five.

As we grow older, the distinction between reality and fantasy naturally widens. At a young age though, these two are often intertwined.Ā A fire-breathing dragon night lightĀ is a thoughtful gift to let fantasy thrive and light up the reality of budding souls.Ā 

The glowing celestial ceiling with the moon and starsĀ is an option to consider for kids under ten. It does take a bit of time to set up, but once their bedroom ceiling is pasted with all the custom moon, and stars stickers, the kids will be happy to see their favourite night-sky turns bright as they go to sleep.

If you wish to gift something that is visible during the daytime and helps brighten the kids' mood instead, theseĀ Moon and star wall stickersĀ are another great choice, especially for your kids' bedrooms.

With all these gifting ideas listed, there is something for every child here. No matter what you choose though, we are sure youā€™ll do so with love - the most powerful force in the universe.

Lots of loveĀ 
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