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9 Space Gifts & Toys For Mini Astronauts

9 Space Gifts & Toys For Mini Astronauts

Saturday 10th March marked the beginning of British Science Week 2023. Run by the British Science Association, it’s a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths. The annual celebration of science encourages science teachers, STEM professionals, students, and the general public to organise and participate in STEM events by providing free activities and support resources.

For many of those who pursue STEM careers, a love of science and technology develops at a young age. Inquisitive by nature, children become increasingly interested in the world around them as they grow and their interest can be further encouraged through educational activities and play. Space is a particular area of science which children find fascinating and it’s one which is simple to embrace through visits to planetariums, star gazing, books and space-themed toys.

At Star Kingdom, we stock a varied selection of space gifts and toys which your future astronaut will adore! Here, are a few of our favourites…

Our Top Picks: Space Gifts & Toys For Kids

Star Kingdom Rocket Lamp

Space-themed lighting for kids

Available in three different styles, these 3D-printed Rocket Lamps include a USB rechargeable battery so they are completely portable. Emitting a warm and subtle flame-effect glow, they make great night lights for young children who dream of ascending into space and flying amongst the stars.

Atmospheric Star Projector

star projector night light

Ignite imaginations and help little ones drift off to sleep with our Atmospheric Star Projector. A simple flick of a switch will make this flexible projector transform a room into a dazzling space filled with glowing stars and colourful planets.

There are three light settings to choose from and it comes with 6 changeable films. Should your little one lose interest in space or fancy a change of scenery, the film can easily be changed so that different images are projected.

NASA Licensed Solar System Construction Kit

light-up solar system kit

This NASA Licensed Solar System Construction Kit provides everything you need to create a replica of our solar system. A fun and creative way to learn about planets but unlike most solar system construction kits, this one lights up too! An educational activity for space lovers and a useful night light in one.

Glow In The Dark Moon and Stars

glow-in-the-dark star and planet ceiling stickers

Create an out-of-this-world bedroom for space enthusiasts of any age with our easy-to-apply Glow In The Dark Moon and Stars. Simply peel away each individual sticker from the sheet and stick it directly to the ceiling or your chosen wall.  After receiving natural light throughout the day, each sticker will glow in the dark at night and create a mesmerizing night sky effect.

NASA Circular Moon Jigsaw

NASA Circular Moon Jigsaw

This intricately detailed NASA Circular Moon Jigsaw will provide wholesome, screen-free fun for the whole family. Embark on a challenging mission which requires patience and concentration by creating the image of the moon. Success is just 500 pieces away! A weekend or rainy day activity that kids and grown-ups can enjoy together.

NASA Build Your Own Lunar Lander Construction Kit

 space construction toys

This NASA-licensed construction kit provides hands-on educational fun for space enthusiasts. Budding space engineers can recreate the iconic lunar lander used in the 1969 Apollo 11 mission to the moon. The 409-piece construction kit is suitable for children aged 12 and over.

Jetpack Backpack

rocket backpack for kids

Let them blast off to school in style with this 3D detailed Jetpack Backpack. Complete with rocket boosters, fuel canisters, control units and colourful flames, this stylish and super cool school bag provides plenty of space to store those mission essentials such as pencils, rubbers, books and a packed lunch.

Space Rocket Baby Milk Bottle

Space Rocket Baby Milk Bottle

Make milk-time more exciting with this fun Space Rocket Baby Bottle. Made with BPA-free plastic and with a 275ml capacity, this quirky rocket-shaped bottle will add an element of fun to bottle feeds for both parent and child.

NASA Kids Space Rocket Launcher

NASA rocket launcher toy

Kids can launch their very own space missions with this fun and easy-to-use Space Rocket Launcher. The NASA-licensed toy includes three individual rockets which can be propelled as high as 10 metres into the sky, via a simple foot pump attachment. Hours of outdoor fun for all ages!

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