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8 Thoughtful Gifts For £5 or Less

8 Thoughtful Gifts For £5 or Less

Looking for gifts under a fiver?

The purse strings are tight for many of us in the UK right now. Ever-increasing energy bills and soaring food prices mean few can afford to splash out on luxurious gifts for loved ones.

At Star Kingdom, we believe it’s the thought that counts when it comes to gift-giving. Carefully chosen and inexpensive tokens of appreciation can mean so much more than high-end gadgets, designer jewellery and over-the-top bouquets that last little longer than a week.

To coincide with our rather exciting office move, we’ve slashed the cost of many of our top-selling small gifts. For a limited time only, we have a large selection of trinkets and treasures priced at just £5 or less! What’s more, they’re all available with 24-hour tracked delivery so you won’t have to worry about long delivery times either.

So, without further ado, here are just some of our fantastic gifts for a fiver or under…

8 Gorgeous Gifts for Under a Fiver

PlayStation White Controller Stress Toy - £4.00

PlayStation Controller Stress Toy

The gamer in your life will get plenty of use out of our Playstation White Controller Stress Toy. Unlike the actual PS4 and PS5 controllers, players can take their frustrations out on this officially licensed PlayStation product. When levels seem unbeatable and bosses undefeatable, this 3D controller-shaped stress toy will help to relieve some inevitable tension.

Squishy Fidget Key Chains - £2.50

Fidget keychains

Fidget toys have been trending for quite some time now and these adorable squishy fidgets make great little gifts for kids. For just £2.50, you get not just one, but TWO fidget toy keychains - the super popular pea pod fidget keychain AND our pretty peanut version. Both measure at 11cm in length and can be attached to keychains, school bags, pencil cases and more. Handy, portable and discreet so kids can enjoy the stress-relieving benefits of fidget toys wherever they may be.


Tooky Toy Musical Tumbler - £5.00

Tooky Toy Musical Tumbler

How do you keep a toddler entertained for more than a few minutes? We’re yet to figure that out but we reckon our super cute Tooky Toy Musical Tumbler could be worth a try! Inquisitive young minds will adore watching the wooden bear tumble from side to side when poked or prodded. It plays music too so little feet can dance along to the melody as they giggle away at this silly bear’s topsy-turvy antics.


Ta Dah! Trinket Tray - £2.50

Small purple trinket tray

Not only do we have trinkets and treasures for under a fiver, but we also have trinkets FOR treasures! Measuring 10cm x 10cm, this trendy, slogan-emblazoned trinket tray will brighten up a bedside cabinet and provide your lucky gift recipient with somewhere to keep their small valuables tidy and together. There’s plenty of space for a pendant, earrings, rings and some loose change.


‘On The Ball’ Family Game - £5.00

Paladone On The Ball Game

Give the gift of fun with this action-packed family game by Paladone. Suitable for ages 8 and over, it includes 20 colourful ping-pong balls, 2 blindfolds and 10 challenge cards. Played in teams of two, On The Ball provides hours of entertainment for kids and adults as they battle it out to beat the blindfolded challenges.

Koala Wine Bottle Cork - £3.99

Novelty wine stopper

We very rarely have leftover wine but when we do, we want to keep it as drinkable as possible. This novelty wine stopper will keep a bottle sealed until your wine-loving gift recipient is ready for their next glass. The lovable Koala will shield their Shiraz or keep watch over their Cabernet until the clock strikes wine ‘o clock again. A thoughtful and practical gift for any wine lover!

Hogwarts Ludo Game - £4.99

Harry Potter Board Game

We all know someone who is potty about J K Rowling’s wizarding world and, whilst we can’t gift them a scholarship to Hogwarts, we can add to their collection of Harry Potter merchandise. This fun family game is suitable for adults and children aged 6 and over. The classic board game, Ludo, has been given a magical twist and Potterheads must race against one another to get their house teams safely back to Hogwarts. A fun, family game that will be played again and again. 

NASA Mars Rover Construction Kit - £5.00

NASA construction toy

Ignite imaginations, educate young minds and encourage new skills with this NASA-licensed construction kit. Our popular and budget-friendly science toy includes everything future space explorers need to build a miniature replica of the Mars Rover vehicle. A great way to introduce children to the world of space exploration and a fantastic rainy-day activity.

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