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5 Ways You Can Use Outdoor Solar Lights To Prepare Your Garden

5 Ways You Can Use Outdoor Solar Lights To Prepare Your Garden

The outdoor season is just around the corner and as the mercury begins to rise and the days get longer, you might be thinking about making improvements to your garden. Whether you have a small patio area or acres of sweeping lawns, garden lighting is essential for not just making your outdoor space look appealing, but for preventing nasty trips and falls at night.

Energy costs don’t look to be dropping anytime soon and filling your garden with electric lights is far from the most cost-effective way to brighten up your outdoor space.

Outdoor solar lights are an easy-to-install alternative that can be swapped and changed around whenever you choose, without the need for unsightly and hazardous wires or the often costly services of an electrician.

In this blog, we’re looking at ways you can utilise solar lights to create an inviting outdoor space that you can enjoy during the warmer months ahead. The only costs involved are the upfront prices you will pay for the lights themselves and with minimal effort, you will have a bright and welcoming outdoor space in which to enjoy the new season.

How To Brighten Up Your Patio or Garden With Outdoor Solar Lights

Make Pathways Safer With Outdoor Solar Lights

Solar strip lighting for garden paths

Whilst the sun will set considerably later than it is now, darkness will continue to fall upon our gardens before 8 pm until the middle of April. Navigating a garden at night can be tricky if paths and walkways are inadequately lit.

These Super Bright Solar LED Strip Lights can be installed along the edges of pathways. Not only will they help prevent any nasty accidents during those Spring evenings of al fresco dining, but they will give your garden a whole new look after dark. Available in Cold White, Warm White and Multi-Colour, they are easy to install and can be used on straight, curved or winding pathways.

Illuminate Steps and Stairways Using Outdoor Solar Lights

Solar lights for garden steps

Your garden steps may not be your main priority when it comes to redesigning your garden but they are likely to be one of the most hazardous spots. UK laws require garden steps to fall within specific heights to ensure safety but regardless of whether your steps adhere to Buildings Regulations, accidents can still occur if user visibility is poor.

Our Solar Powered Easy Stairs and Step Lights come in packs of two and can be installed to the corners of steps with a single screw. Entirely solar-powered, they switch on automatically at night and will last 6 - 8 hours per charge.

Use Outdoor Solar Lights To Brighten Up Flower Beds

 Solar outdoor lights for flowerbeds and planters

It seems a shame to spend so much time preparing the soil, planting flowers and keeping weeds at bay only for the results of your labour to be invisible at night. The beauty of outdoor solar lights is that they can be placed almost anywhere you want them, including in flowerbeds and planters.

Our Solar Flat Disc Garden Lights are small but powerful enough to brighten up the darkest of corners as each contains 20 LED lights. They can be turned off manually but when left on, will light up your flowerbed or planter automatically when the sun sets and night begins to fall.

Decorate Pergolas, Walls, Fences And More Using Outdoor Solar Lights

Outdoor fairy solar lights for fences and pergolas

Outdoor solar lights don’t just have to be used for practical purposes. With the right set of lights, you can create beautiful garden features and completely transform the ambience of your outdoor space. Fairy lights are perfect for decorating walls, fences and pergolas. An array of tiny LED bulbs can turn your garden or patio into a magical wonderland at night.

Our Solar Powered Auto ON/OFF Lights allow you to decorate and illuminate any space within your garden without the use of dangerous extension cords. They are available in three different colour options and each has three flashing modes to create different ambiences.

Add Colour To Your Garden at Night With Outdoor Solar Lights

Colourful garden solar light features

Pretty flowers, vibrant plants and bright garden ornaments might combine to create a colourful garden during the day but at night, it will look very different. Add splashes of colour and create striking nighttime features using multi-colour outdoor solar lights.

These Solar Powered Hanging Star Lights will hang gracefully from a hook inserted into any wall, fence or beam. Charged by the sun during the day, they will switch on automatically when it gets dark and change colour gradually. A unique and colourful alternative to white outdoor solar lights and perfect for hanging above outdoor dining tables.

This is just a small selection of the outdoor solar lights we stock at Star Kingdom. To view our full range CLICK HERE.


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