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15 Awesome Gifts For Animal Lovers

15 Awesome Gifts For Animal Lovers

Are you looking for that perfect gift for your animal-loving friend or relation? At Star Kingdom, we’re passionate about the natural world and the diverse array of animals that call it home.

Did you know that our owner, Frederics, helps the local RSPCA by fostering unwanted cats until they find a forever home?

Being so fond of animals of all kinds, we are continually looking for new animal-themed gifts that are fellow animal lovers will adore.

In this blog, we’re highlighting a few of our bestselling gifts for animal lovers so, instead of browsing through our extensive product range, you can pinpoint that perfect gift right now!

Our Bestselling Gifts For Animal Lovers…

Roarsome Lion and Tiger Gifts

Sitting Lion Plushie Soft Toy 30cm

This King of The Jungle sits proudly at 30cm tall and boasts beautifully soft fur and a wonderfully fluffy mane. Little ones will love snuggling up to this majestic yet huggable lion as they drift off to sleep and dream of adventures with their new feline friend.

 Large Lion Soft Toy


Dusty Pups Lion Screen Cleaner

Lion screen cleaner

He may be small in size but he does a big job! Our Dusty Pups Lion Screen Cleaner will wipe away dusty marks and sticky fingerprints using his super soft fur. Simply rub him across the screens of your phones, tablets and tablets and they’ll be clean and clear in seconds.

Handcrafted Tiger Head Wall Decor

Tiger wall decor

This unique, ornamental tiger head can be mounted on the wall of a nursery or kid’s bedroom to watch over your little cubs. Each one has been beautifully handcrafted in India using 100% organic wool and then dyed using recycled water. An ethically produced wall feature that will add an element of fun to your decor.

Brilliant Bear Gifts

Signature Bear Soft Toy - 33cm

Everybody needs a teddy bear to cuddle and our Signature Bear Soft Toy is as huggable and handsome as they come! This beautiful bear has been made by Original Cubbies®, who cleverly incorporated a zip into his design so his interior stuffing can be removed before he is washed. A timeless gift that can be cuddled and washed over and over again.

Traditional teddy bear for kids


Resin Crafted Polar Bear Statue Storage Tray

Polar bear decorative statue

Polar bears are solitary creatures by nature but this one will happily become your new best friend! The striking resin-crafted statue will make a unique statement piece for any room within your home. In addition to looking super stylish, the tray he carries so elegantly can be used to keep your little trinkets and treasures safe and together.

LED Star Ball with Bear

LED Bear Ornament

Looking for a new baby or christening gift? This beautiful LED Star Ball ornament will look make a charming addition to a newborn’s nursery and, as it emits a soft warm glow, can act as a decorative night light too. A beautiful bear-themed gift!

Purr-fect Gifts for Cat Lovers

Cat Selfie Phone Clip-On

Cat Selfie Phone attachment

Taking selfies with a cat has never been easier! This compact yet cleverly designed smartphone accessory features a small bell that will attract a cat’s attention and keep them looking in the right direction. Just a flick of the wrist is all that’s required to keep a feline friend facing forward for that perfect pet selfie.

Cute Cat Paper Clips

Cat paper clips

We strongly believe that you can never have too many cats! These super stylish cat-shaped paper clips will liven up any stationery collection and help keep paperwork, homework and important documents organised. A unique and affordable little gift for cat lovers.

Magnetic Cat Bookmarks

Bookmarks for cat lovers

Your gift recipient will never lose their page in a book again with this useful set of feline friends! Each set includes four cat-themed bookmarks, made from magnetic metal for maximum hold. A must-have for cat lovers who enjoy reading!

Pawsome Gifts for Dog Lovers

Terrier Dog Soft Toy - 33cm
Terrier dog soft toy

This Original Cubbies® soft toy was made to be cuddled again and again! With his enviably handsome face and super soft fur, he will make a wonderful canine companion for any dog-lover. Our terrific terrier can be put in the washing machine too! Once unzipped, his stuffing can be removed before washing and then placed back inside once he is clean.

Noxxiez Animal Hooded Blanket - Husky

Hooded dog blanket for kids

Little ones will love snuggling up on chilly evenings with this excellent quality hooded blanket. Made from super soft fleece, it features a fun Husky head so it doubles up as a costume for imaginative play too!

Resin Balloon Dog

 Balloon dog ornament

A house isn’t a home without a dog, is it? Our contemporary balloon dog ornaments make uniquely stylish gifts for dog lovers. Made from resin and available in 11 different colours, they will brighten up any living space whilst adding an element of fun.

Beautiful Gifts For Bird Lovers

Self-Watering Plant Glass Bulbs

self-watering plant bulbs

Green-fingered bird lovers will love these practical yet decorative gardening essentials! Made entirely of glass, these bird-shaped glass bulbs hold 180ml of water each and will keep pots and planters sufficiently watered whilst your chosen recipient is away from home.

Neon birdcage light

 Neon birdcage light

With this modern neon birdcage light, your friend or loved one can add a stylish bird-themed statement piece to their interiors. Our decorative lamp is bang on trend with its neon tube lighting and sleek monochrome design. Powered with AAA batteries or the included USB cable and allow this not-so-feathery friend to brighten someone’s day!

Canar Duck Money Box

Duck-shaped money box

We’ve been relying on porcelain pigs to keep our pennies safe for far too long! These delightful ducks are a contemporary alternative to traditional piggy banks. Loose change can be dropped into the slot in the duck’s back and then removed again by twisting and pulling the feet. Due to its uniquely symmetrical shape, this gorgeous money bank resembles a heart shape when placed sideways. Quackers!

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